Teddy Bear Comfort
by Laryalee Fraser

PoetryTeddyBearComfort.jpgRemember those giggles that dusted the edges
of mischief that childhood had spun?
We splashed into puddles of multi-hued bubbles,
had picnics with teddy bear fun.

When troubles would tumble in dark little bundles,
we’d shrink from the scoldings in sight;
then curl in a blanket and sob with abandon
while holding our teddy bear tight.

As years slowly added their weight to our shoulders,
the bubbles all floated away;
our light-hearted laughter was coated by harshness
and colors dissolved into grey.

When harnessed to schedules in passive surrender,
when days become brittle and cold,
we need a few moments to curl in seclusion
with teddy bear comfort to hold.