PoetryTeddyBearBlue.jpgUp in the North Pole one cold Christmas eve
Santa was busy preparing to leave
Eight little brown reindeer were hitched to the sleigh
And Santa was anxious to be on his way

All the brownies and elves who make Christmas toys
Were picking their gifts for good girls and boys
But one lonely toy had been hidden from view
A poor little teddy bear with fur colored blue

They made him all wrong, his sad eyes looked down
You see, one eye was blue and the other one brown
"Who would want such a gift?" said the toy-maker elf
"We will just leave him here, put him back on the shelf."

But teddy bear wanted a friend of his own.
And he was scared he’d be left all alone
Till Santa called out "get more toys for this run."
"My list is so long I’ll need every last one."

The elves hurried back and snatched teddy from hiding
Tossed him into the sleigh were soon he’d be riding
One leg sticking out as though he might fall
Hardly made teddy feel welcome at all

There wasn’t a moment to set him upright
Old Santa climbed in and the reindeer took flight
Prettily prancing they sped through the snow
Sleigh skimming rooftops, swayed to and fro

And all through the night Santa kept on his route
Delivering toys till he almost ran out
At last Santa stopped by the light of the moon
He went over his list and said "very soon…"

…I must find a place for this blue teddy bear
But his eyes are so sad I wonder just where?
In this house lived six children, three large and three small
It would take many gifts to remember them all

But Santa moved softly, he made not a sound
Unloading toys he spread them around
He left bicycles, roller skates, dolls and toy dishes
Tin soldiers and games to suit everyone’s wishes

And Teddy Bear Blue with his beady-eyed stare
Was left under a tree in a small rocking chair
As Santa went out in the wintry chill
Toys waited patiently, silent and still

Three big boys came first and passed teddy right by
Bicycles and roller skates they were eager to try
Two little girls then came looking around
One found a doll, the other just frowned…

…gave teddy one look
Then turned to toy dishes and a colouring book

Teddy Bear Blue felt lonely and sad
No on chose him what a Christmas he had
He sat there staring with his brown and blue eyes
And wished that he knew how a teddy bear cries

A curly-haired boy just going on three
Came hurrying downstairs and teddy could see…
…him searching for toys, few were left there
He came straight towards the small rocking chair

"Hello" said the boy; "did Santa bring you?"
"You’re just what I wanted my Teddy Bear Blue"
He snatched teddy up as quick as a wink
And hugged him so tightly he just couldn’t think

And Teddy Bear Blue was then filled with joy
As he gave all his love to this curly haired boy
Old Santa had finished his work for the year
And headed back home with his trusty reindeer

But when children are sleeping all cozy and warm
Can you guess who is sleeping in somebody’s arm?
Snuggled close to the boy, looking ever so wise
Is Teddy Bear Blue with his brown and blue eyes