PoetryGuardianTeddy.jpgI am your guardian teddy bear
I’m looking out for you
Just pull me close and hug me tight
Whenever you feel blue.

Just tell me when you’re feeling sad,
I listen very well.
Your hopes, your dreams, your troubles too
I promise not to tell.

Share with me all your secret thoughts
Don’t hold back anything
Just know that I’ll be by your side
Whatever life may bring.

You are a very precious friend
You’re special as can be
Nobody else is quite like you
And I should know, you see.

Because I am your teddy bear
And teddy bears are wise
We watch and learn our whole lives through
We’re Einstein’s in disguise.

So let me give you some advice
Always stand proud and tall
Be thankful for your special gifts
Because you have them all.
And I’ll keep looking out for you
Just know that I am there
I am your biggest fan, you know
‘Cause I’m your teddy bear.

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