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Ben P. Ben P. wrote on June 18, 2007 at 3:13 am
I hope the kids that get Teddy Bears LOVE bears ! I went to V.B.S. !
Samantha Samantha wrote on May 30, 2007 at 3:13 am
My mom was in the hospital for a long time. So Mrs.L sent my mom a bear. My mom was really dipressed before she got the bear. She wanted to spend time with me and my brother and bust out of the hospital. The day before she came home the bear came home. The tag said: Cant bear another day with out you. My mom sleeps with it and when ever she is in pain sje hugs the bear. That is how much a bear can help a person. You can never have to many things to hug. Mrs. L Thank you so much for helping me with my project and sending the bear for my mom.
molly hamilton molly hamilton from NH wrote on May 21, 2007 at 3:13 am
Dear Mrs.Lits me again. I'm really sad thats its almost the ebnd of the year and Hugs will be over for the summer here in NH. I was one of the lucky ones to go to the hjospital that we donate to. It made me feel really good to see how excited the staff were. yours till the bear hugsMolly H.
molly hamilton molly hamilton from pembroke wrote on May 11, 2007 at 3:13 am
i love this program it makes me feel like a better person when i do something this good im so glad my teacher got involved in the program!thanks s much fro giving us the oppurtunity to help out
Meghan Meghan wrote on April 12, 2007 at 3:13 am
Dear Mrs.L,Mrs Forest's class got us involved in hugs and I got to tag a bear. It's great that you're doing this for the kids. I loved hugging and tagging the bear!meghan
BRYCE DREW BRYCE DREW wrote on April 12, 2007 at 3:13 am
Hi mrs.L, its me agaian , and I love the bracelets. My favorite tag saying is A HUG TODAY WILL CHASE THE BLUES AWAY!!! thank you for getting us in this program, we are doing really good, we have lots more donations. We are still having lots of fun. BYE!! and great program!! BY, BRYCE
samantha samantha wrote on April 11, 2007 at 3:13 am
Dear mrs L,I think this idea is really asome!
Hannah Hannah wrote on April 11, 2007 at 3:13 am
Dear Mrs L,My class got those bracelets you sent us and those are great we really love them!!Thanks again!!Love and Hugs alwaysHannah
Bryce drew Bryce drew from NH wrote on April 6, 2007 at 3:13 am
Dear mrs. L,Hi Im in Mrs. forest's class. I love this program, I'm doing it in are class. I cried because I couldn't tag one. That how much I wanted to do it. But this time I do and I can't wait. Oh ya I loved your book.Well thats all I've got to say. BYE!!!!!! P.S. I hope this program goes longer because I love to see kids smile.
Hannah Hannah wrote on March 27, 2007 at 3:13 am
Dear Mrs. Lucarelli, I am in Mrs. Forest's fourth grade class. We are so happy to be in Hugs!!!We think its an honor to be involved, you just inspire me for all your hard work!I hope that a lot of people will think about what you are doing. Tagging the bear I think is the best part!! ( especailly hugging it!! ) Your friend, Hannah P.S. you are doing a great job!
Laura Laura wrote on March 21, 2007 at 3:13 am
Dear Hugs Across America,Hi! I am in 6th grade and my friend Maria showed me this web site! It's great how you help all the kids in trouble. Good luck with everything!Sincerely,LauraP.S. I really love teddy bears!!
Malini Bhagat Malini Bhagat wrote on March 15, 2007 at 3:13 am
We are over the moon and ready to hug with our huggable teddy bears!
Kayla Stromvall Kayla Stromvall wrote on March 11, 2007 at 3:13 am
Dear Mrs. Lucarelli, My name is Kayla Stromvall. I am in Mrs. Forest's 4th grade class. We are so happy that we can help Hugs! Today we tagged the teddy bears to send to Nashua Hosp. The bears are so cute.! I didn't want to let go of the bear when I gave it a hug. Mrs. Forest took pictures of us hugging them. The donations are going great too. They just keep coming. I think Hugs Across America is a great program to help children in crisis. Everyone is having a great time with this! Sincerely,Kayla StromvallJust in case you're feeling blue, I've got a great big hug for you!
Brian Brian from Manhattan wrote on February 24, 2007 at 3:13 am
Great updated site! Love the bears!
Joe Joe from Bayside wrote on February 12, 2007 at 3:13 am
I love bears!