Houston Schools ( Harvey Relief )

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We are delighted to help out during this very difficult time of recovery from the flood and aftermath of the hurricane in Houston.

TEACHER : Demeyris White

The students are so happy to have the bears. Even one of my big, burly boys brought his bear back to school yesterday and keep hugging it during class. They were so happy to receive the gifts. We discussed the purpose of your organization. The discussion helped them realized that there are many caring people in our country. Your bears and the attached messages will leave lasting impacts on my students. Thank you so much for reaching out to help us. Please enjoy the pictures.

Mendham – Elementary

Dear Ms. Lucarelli,

I am speechless with gratitude for the love you shared with our adopted teachers and students in Houston, in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey! Your organization is incredible; it clearly provides a much needed “gift”, in oh so many ways, to children. I will never be able to express my gratitude to you for sending the bears to our classes in Houston.