Eyes Wide Open Internation – Helping Orphanage

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Nicole Bompart – Director

“A church approached us and asked if we would be willing to take on a building project for an orphanage in Port-A-Prince. A Haitian Pastor (Pastor Nae Nae) and his wife (Morina) had taken in 35-orphaned children after the earthquake. Since September of 2010, EWOI has been partnering with Pastor Nae Nae and Morina providing food and other resources. Pastor Nae Nae, Morina, their five children and the 35 orphans are currently living in the bottom level of a house. The house they rent has six very small rooms, an outdoor area for cooking, one bathroom and one shower. It is a very difficult living situation. These children need a permanent, safe home. “

Nicole’s husband, David, was stabbed to death a couple of weeks ago at a bank in Haiti. He was removing funds for the building of an orphanage to help the orphaned children Pastor Nae Nae has been housing. It is Nicole’s wish that this project continue …. Our teddies have arrived to help the children deal with their lives of loss. Hugs of Hope as they are called are a welcome sight to the children as well as their adult comforters.