Irene’s Devastating Floods

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By the time the numbers have been crunched, experts wouldn’t be surprised if the ferocity of the Aug. 28 deluge that led to historic losses and catastrophic damage across communities near streams and rivers stretching from Cape May in New Jersey to Vermont, eclipsed a so-called 100-year flood.

On Long Island: Most of the damage was to homes struck by falling trees, flooding or subject to days of power loss. Hugs Across America responded by providing 150 teddies to local shelters such as Manhasset HS and Schreiber HS in Port Washington.

In Vermont: What may be the worst flooding since 1927 turned communities into islands, as high, fast-moving waters swamped roads and shredded some of the state’s bridges. In some areas, homes knocked off their foundations by Hurricane Irene’s wrath floated in lakes and rivers. Hugs sent 200 teddies to the American Red Cross in Rutland, which then distributed them to local FEMA or Red Cross units throughout the most devastated areas.

In upstate NY: In Margaretville and Prattville the devastation of hurricane Irene was just overwhelming! It is still unknown whether or not all of the buildings on either Main Street will stay standing. Many local stores, restaurants, and homes were completely destroyed. The National Guard continues to look for missing persons. Hugs has sent 200+ teddies to churches and fire departments that are responding to local needs. The United Methodist Church of Margaretville and the Prattsville Reformed Church have been particularly helpful in distributing teddies from family to family as they try to answer the frustration, fear and grief of the children traumatized by Irene’s destruction.

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