Band Students suffer in Bus Accident

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St. James, Mo (KSDK) — Friends and family gathered at a St. James church to remember a teenage student who was killed in a school bus crash on I-44 in Franklin County.

The funeral for Jessica Brinker  which began at 11:00 a.m at Immaculate Conception Catholic Church ended  with a horse drawn carriage that led the procession to the cemetery for her burial.

Brinker was the passenger in the back of the first school bus that crashed on eastbound I-44 Thursday morning on the way to Six Flags. Investigators said a semi slowed down as it approached a construction zone. A pick-up truck then hit the back of the semi. Then, two school buses carrying band students from St. James hit the crash.

Daniel Schatz, 19, who drove the pick-up also died in the crash. The Sullivan native was remembered in his hometown today.

Mayor Dennis Wilson, of St. James, spoke of the small, close nit town that he serves. ” Many of the band members are still in the hospital.  This little town will take the loss of Jessica very hard, but the hugs of teddy bears… and knowing that others around the country care, will make a big difference as we heal.”