Flash Flood Kills in Arkansas

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At least 16 people, including some children, were killed Friday after flash floods swept through their remote Arkansas campsites following a heavy rain.  The Albert Pike Campgrounds in Langley were all but washed away as a usually 3’ deep stream turned into a 23’ deep raging river.
About 60 campers were rescued by emergency workers, another two dozen hospitalized.  “About one-thirty, two in the morning, we started hearing children and women screaming and crying,” said Crystel Hofer, who was asleep in her cabin when the water came raging through. “So we went to the door and opened the door and they were trying to come up the hill to where our cabin was to escape the rising water.”
Hug’s bears were called to help comfort children and families affected by this terrifying flood.  The American Red Cross set up a shelter response team and went to work immediately giving out food, water medical care and…teddies.Albert_Pike_Arkansas_Flood_Images