Yazoo, Mississippi Tornado Rips Homes to Pieces

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Logan Beard, 13, helps sift through the debris of a home on Eagle Lake in 

Warren County north of Vicksburg, Miss.after a tornado swept through the area 

on Saturday, April 24, 2010. Gov. Haley Barbour told The Associated Press 

there was "utter obliteration" in parts of Yazoo County, an area 

where he is from. 

Mary Hamilton, Director of the Jackson American Red Cross, has requested 1,000 bears for children of the 700 families that have lost everything!  150 – 175 mile per hour winds simply destroyed everything in the 1 mile wide path of the tornado.  In addition to the destruction of homes, 10 people, including three children, were killed as the storm swept across Mississippi. The teddies will help give those children who lost so much a little message of huggable hope.  They are so frightened, not knowing what will happen.