Miner’s Memorial

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In a report from Naomi Smith, American Red Cross for West Virginia Miner’s, as she spoke of the Memorial Service for the 29  miner’s who lost there lives in the Big Branch disaster, and the grieving town. The town is returning to work but is just “OK” as they continue struggling with grief and the obvious absence of so many friends and family. The Memorial Service, April 25th, was such


a touching and significant beginning to healing…with the President and Vice President attending as well as other noted dignitaries.

Hugs was asked to send another 100 teddies for those children attending the memorial ….and every single bear was taken. With so much Secret Service around, the teddies had to be screened before they could be brought into the memorial. Although the Red Cross was not allowed to take pictures, Naomi spoke of the children’s response. “You know it’s the quieter children, the ones that couldn’t speak about it, that were having the most difficult time…and they were the ones that grabbed the bears to their hearts and held on tight.” “I’m going to keep this with me for ever and ever”, said one youngster as she spoke to a Red Cross worker.

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