Lowell High School Collects Bears for Haiti

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The students of Lowell High School in Lowell, Michigan have joined together in an effort to bring comfort to the children of Haiti through the hugs of teddy bears. Courtney Wierzbicki writes that, “In our English 12 class we were all assigned to come up with a service learning project. My group has brain stormed and came up with the idea of helping your organization. We were wondering if we could possibly collect bears to donate to children who have lost so much because of the earthquake in Haiti. If this isn’t what you need then we would love to help in another way, maybe by collecting money or helping pass out bears. There is a total of 4 girls in our group and we would love to get going on this as soon as possible.  They did, indeed, get busy and collected 93 teddy bears.  The girls, Alison Huffman, Sam Matta,  Kait Cummings and Courtney  wrote out tags with a messageof hope for each reciepient and put them on the teddies.  This shipment of bears will be heading immediately to Big Pine Key, Florida for transport to a UN delegation ready to distribute the teddies to children in the Port – Au – Prince area who are now homeless.   A big heartfelt thank you to Courtney and the girls for their effort!!! ….and yes, it will definitely make a difference to children who have suffered so much.