Haitian Children

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As we all seek to bring relief to the thousands of Haitian families who have been devastated by this horrible earthquake, I would like all to know that Hugs Across America has been doing its part as well.  I have been in touch with the Haitian Council in NYC which represents thousands of Haitian nationals in the NYC area, many of whom are known to have lost family members.  The Haitian Community Council, lead by Samuel Barthelemy, has requested that Hugs provide teddy bears to the children of those who have suffered lost family who live in several local areas.   He has specifically requested teddies for counselors, social workers as well as several churches and 39 NYC public schools with high populations of Haitian children. To date Hugs has distributed over 819 teddies to grieving and anxious children with family members who have lost their lives in Haiti.  In the last few weeks, the public schools have seen an influx of children directly from Haiti, who were actually victims of the earthquake.  Every effort is being made to ease the trauma experienced by these young victims.

Our prayers go out to all who have suffered in this crisis.

Later, as shelters and orphanages are created in the stricken areas of Port au Prince as well as in the out lying areas, we will mount an appeal to send teddies directly to Haiti.  Thank you as always for your concern and help with comforting children in traumatic circumstances.