Bear, DE

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Beary’s Special Friends Chapter
17 Penny Lane
Bear, DE 19701

Contact: Debbie Wallace

Hugs welcomes Debbie and Beary’s Special Friends !


My name is Debbie Wallace from Bear, Delaware. I am honored to be starting a chapter of Hugs Across America called “Beary’s Special Friends” in Delaware. 


A special thanks to my niece, Mae, for helping me realize how important teddy bears are to children!  I gave her one of my teddy bears on Christmas Eve, over a year ago, and it’s been her best friend ever since…we named him “Beary Candy Cane Christmas”…  So, how appropriate to have this chapter called “Beary’s Special Friends”, in Bear, Delaware…!


Your help is greatly needed.  “Beary’s Special Friends” will be providing teddy bears to children of military families.  As our chapter grows, I would like to be able to provide teddy bears to the local police, fire dept., hospitals, etc.  If you are interested in hosting a teddy bear drive, donating, or would like more information about this chapter, please contact me!  Every little bit you can do will help us “Hug” our children.


The children in my life have always been such an inspiration to me which is why I have been looking for a way to make a difference in the lives of children in our community.  I am so excited to be starting a chapter here in Bear, Delaware!  Please join me in making the Delaware Chapter strong!  As I am always reminded — with God, All Things ARE Possible!