Teddies for Georgia Flood Victims

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(Carrollton, GA) — The tragic news of a toddler pulled from the arms of his father and lost in the raging Snake Creek can not be dimmed even by our prayers and concern. But to the people of Carrollton and counties to the North, the hugs of teddies and the sure knowledge that others care is, indeed, welcome. Captain Chris Dobbs of the Carrollton Police Dept. said that lots of families lost everything in the floods and that 400 teddies or so would surely help those frightened children.Hug’s Woodmen Chapter of Conyers, Georgia, led by Ted Church and his daughter Jane Pagliaro, immediately responded to our call. The teddies will be there Saturday morning, in time to comfort the families as they try to reclaim their lives.

“It’s really a very nice looking creek in our county, but those flood waters made it a raging, ravaging river that was just unbelievable,“ said Sheriff Terry Langley of Carroll County, Georgia. Snake Creek is usually two feed high but grew to 20 feet, ripping apart the family’s mobile home and washing other homes down stream.