Buffalo, NY

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Buffalo Chapter (Website)
Buffalo, New York

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WeeksChildren.jpgby Elizabeth Weeks:

The Buffalo Chapter of Hugs Across America was started through the inspiration of my 3 year old daughter Hannah Morgan who has about 20 best friends all lined up on her bed and any time we are in a car going somewhere there is one seat belted in the car seat next to her. I read the story of the start of Hugs Across America, thought of all my Hannah’s best friends, and instantly saw the good I can do in a child’s life.

Then, in February 2008 Hannah and I were involved in a minor car accident with Aunt Trish and cousin Kyle (also 3) no one was hurt but the bear with us in the car calmed the fears of both 3 year olds.

In September of 2008 Kyle was diagnosed with Chiari Malformation so we are in the process of planning a bear drop off and are going to donate them to Children’s Hospital of Buffalo to be used for children going through the stress of surgery.