Ankeny, IA

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Ankeny Family YMCA
1102 N Ankeny Blvd.
Ankeny, IA 50021
(West Des Moines)

Contact: Rosalyn De Haan & Jessica Nielsen

February, 2012 Update

More pictures!



January, 2012 Update

Between Westwood (where Kim Keller is supervisor) and NE (my site) we collected 45 bears to donate to military kids. She’s a different supervisor than I partnered with last time. We also partnered with our Military Reconnect Director and the bears were sent to kids who belong to deployed Oklahoma National Guard parents. These parents replaced the Iowa National Guard overseas.

The kids at the Y had a wonderful time, as you can see from the pictures!



December 2011 Update

We are going to be working with Sue Johnson, who is our Military Reconnect Director at the YMCA.  She’s been partnering with America’s Family Coaches, where a good friend of mine works. They put on events to help families reconnect after deployment and they are planning to collect bears for the OK National Guard who just replaced the Iowa National Guard out East.   We are so excited about our next teddy bear effort and will be including pictures soon!


December 2008 Update

by Rosalyn De Haan

Pictures from Ankeny Family YMCA “Bag and Tag” Day! The kids had a great time as you can see!




AnkenyYMCA01.jpgChapter Information

This new chapter of dear friends to Hugs will be getting teddies ready real soon.

We are getting in touch with a local Children’s Hospital and also Iowa’s Department of Human Services to see what they are thinking in terms of bears and needing them. The kids were really excited about those two places particularly, so that’s where we are heading. We will probably start collecting as soon as possible. Here are our kids!!  Welcome to HUGS!