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Eagan-Peace Chapter
1315 Wilderness Run Dr.
Eagan, MN 55123

Joanne and Tom Weyrick


Update 8/09

Thank you for the cute teddy bear filled with M&M’s.  We love M&M’s!
Just this week we took 35 bears and other stuffed animals once again to the U of M Fairview Hospital emergency department.  They call about every one to three months.  We’ll need to order more bears soon.
On Sept. 13, which is our Sunday School Rally Sunday, we’ll have our 4th Teddy Bear Pancake Breakfast.  So many people volunteer to help and enjoy doing that so they can be part of Hugs.  We’ll send some pictures again.



Posted ’05

The Weyricks were called into service after the Red Lake HS shooting in which 10 students were killed. Over 1200 teddy bears were brought to the Reservation in Red lake Minnesota, to comfort the frightened, grieving youngsters through the effort and dedication of the Peace Reformed Church and particularly Jo and Tom Weyrick.  At a moments notice they committed to providing over 900 bears, notes written, tags on teddies, bagged and then driven in three vans for an overnight stay near the Reservation and delivered the next day. That’s the kind of dedicated commitment to comforting others that we are so proud of.


MNredlake.jpg Red Lake Tribal Council called this “The darkest day in our history”, as this small, close nit community struggled to to deal with violent young death.

The immediate response of Hugs Across America through the Weyrick’s and Eagan Peace Chapter, ….”helped the healing begin” stated council leader, Oran Beaulieu.

Today, nearly two years later, Eagan Peace Chapter continues to respond to the needs of it’s community by providing teddies to two local hospitals: Fairview Southdale Hospital and University of Minnesota Hospital Pediatrics. In order to supply the income for their bear purchase, the chapter holds an annual pancake breakfast.  Participants join in eating, then writing out tags and preparing the bears for delivery! The hospital staff couldn’t be happier as they know the joy the teddies bring.



Read wounded Teen: “I tried…”acrobat.gif


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