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November 2010 update
By Kendra Phillips


February 2010 update
By Kendra Phillips

The girls did their Bear Drop and it was wonderful. The hugs they gave were needed and well enjoyed! The Staff at The Tara Plantation were thrilled with our visit! I am attaching several pictures of our “drop” as well as a group shot with bears. They are the Daisy Troop 262 from Vass, NC. We will be going to another nursing home in the next couple of weeks and any remaining bears will be donated to the nearest Pediatric nursing unit.


Update: March 2008
Baby Boogie Pictures!



Udate: January 2008
By Kendra Phillips

The shelter took lots of bears for their Christmas party. I did not attend. But they sent a thank you letter and said the bears were loved by all! They have kept the left over bears for new arrivals. Also, sadly the Red Cross had several fires and we supplied them with bears.

We will be setting up boxes in some local schools, and March and April will be our bear drive months. The class in each participating school that raises the most bears gets a pizza party, where a local pizza guy is selling pizzas to us for cost!

Also, we are going to reschedule our street party for sometime in April.


Update: November 2007
By Kendra Phillips

kendra.jpg We’ve been working on ideas. We will be providing the local Women’s Abuse shelter with Teddy Bears for their annual Christmas party.

We will be making March our teddy drive month. Printing fliers and giving to several of the local schools. The classroom, in each school that raises the most bears will be getting a pizza party!

I’m hoping to reschedule the event for sometime in April. And maybe we can do something fun to get the winning classrooms and their families (and the rest of the schools) to the event! The fliers will be great advertisement too!

I am also working on a few donation stations around town. After the Thanksgiving holiday I will get them set up with a box. I hope to get them on the website as an official donation station for our area.


Update: October 2007


A small not for profit group in Pinehurst known as the MAC PAC (Moore Advocates for Compassion) have enthusiastically joined our effort to provide teddy bears to children in traumatic circumstances.

They were particularly touched by the story of Kelsey Briggs and wish to help other youngsters whose lives are tortured by child abuse. The MAC Hugs Chapter will be sponsoring booths at local fairs to start off and soon will hold a benefit concert to raise funds for their new chapter.

Ella and Dawson are ready to help as well…they will be the teddy testers!


Ella and Dawson are ready to help as well…they will be the teddy testers!