Vandalia, IL

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Fayette County Bear Hugs
Vandalia, Illinois

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jen.jpgI just turned 21 in September. I graduated college in may of 07 with an associates degree in Respiratory Therapy. I am currently working at 3 local hospitals in my area as a certified respiratory therapist. I live Vandalia, IL. In my spare time I like to read, working out and watch Law and Order: SVU. My boyfriend and I are excited about starting a Hugs Chapter in our area.

And I have thought about it and it is a big goal but we have two area schools that are local basketball rivals but never get to play each other because of size so I thought about hosting a bear hugs basketball fundraiser with the two teams! I’ll set up a table with info about the Hugs program and sell T -shirts as well as ask for donations.

I’ve been looking for a way to volunteer and make a difference with my time and this is it.