Fulton, IL

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First Reformed Church
510 -15th Avenue
Fulton, Illinois 61252

Coordinated by Clair and Marcia Lahtrop

Marcia is a teacher/social service worker who was very involved with the distribution of teddy bears to Utica, Illinois victims of the devastating tornado that destroyed many homes and families. Her Husband, Rev Clair Lathrop, gathered a team together, wrote out tags for bears and drove over to the effected area.


The opportunity to comfort such frightened children was a God Send… many were killed, homes, school and businesses were destroyed.


Eventhough it says Tsunami, it is actually the school kids that were effected by the tornadoes in Utica.

The local, downtown Utica school was completely destroyed and students were sent to merge with a county school. The Layton’s did a great job of comforting, listening and providing teddies to hug.

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