Redding, CT

Fairfield County Regional Response Center
Redding, CT.
Donna Dlugo

The first bears tagged and ready to be delivered

to the Georgetown Fire Department.



This article tells of our busy Fairfield County Regional Response Center in Connecticut. Donna Dlugo, a faithful volunteer for many, many months at St. Paul’s Chapel is continuing her dedication to helping comfort those in need by starting a Hugs Chapter in Connecticut. She has already distributed teddy bears to the Fire Departments and Police Departments of Redding and Georgetown Connecticut. She is enthusiastically seeking funds to do more. I look forward to Donna’s writings about her projects…but she’s so busy doing the work, that it’s hard to find the time. GOOD LUCK to Donna!


The Reddding Chapter T-Bear!

Donna Dlugo and Ron Romano,

Captain EMS West Redding Fire Dept.
Donna Dlugo and Bobby Mecozzi,
President of the Georgetown Fire Dept.