Times Square, NY

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Times Square Church Mission Chapter
Times Square Church
1657 Broadway 4th Floor
New York, NY 10019

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Africa2.jpgThe Times Square Church Mission will be bringing 200 teddy bears to the children of Burundi in Central Africa as part of a medical mission. In an area where there are 8 million people to 300 doctors an 1 anesthesiologist, this team of 30 physicians from Pro Health and other medical personnel will spend two weeks providing what emergency relief that they can. The population has seen the genocide of 300,000 family and friends through the tribal wars of the Hutus and Tutsis. This small gesture of care may be taken as hope for children who have known little.

The Times Square Church congregation in midtown Manhattan is a reflection of New York City. More than 8,000 people representing 100 nationalities and nearly every race, culture, age, and socioeconomic background gather to worship there every week. The Church has, since it’s inception 1986 under the leadership of Pastor David Wilkerson, been missional in it’s approach, and is delighted to partner with Hugs Across America to bring comfort to hurting children.