Midtown Manhattan, NY

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Columbia University
College of Dental Medicine and Oral Surgery

Dr. Morgan Evershed – Hugs Chapter Director


dentist.jpgVisiting the dentist can be scary for all of us. But for children and particularly children who are having oral surgery it can be even more so!  Teddy bears make a huge difference in the arms of a waiting and frightened child. The Dental School of Columbia University in NYC, is so pleased with the help that teddies bring to the effort of calming anxious patients that they have started their own chapter of Hugs. As dental students and residents, time is a premium, but is well worth the extra effort to provide the best possible care for youngsters.

Luba Borukhava, (Ronnie), Morgan Evershed,
and Nicholas Katchen deliver bears at Columbia.

We deliver the bears to children going in and out of surgery on Tuesdays during our lunch. Although, we are a chapter from the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) and our original intent was to deliver the bears to dental patients, we also deliver bears to other kids undergoing different types of surgery.

Thanks for your support,
Morgan Evershed