East End Avenue, NY

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chapin_logo.gif Chapin School
100 East End Ave
New York, NY 10028

Malini Bhagat, Teacher

NYChapin1.jpgMalini Bhagat, a teacher at the Chapin School in New York City, who has a deep commitment to helping the youngsters of India, has started both a Hugs Chapter at the Chapin School in Manhattan, but also encouraged private schools of India to assist in this effort of kindness. She is our representative assisting in the process of creating an avenue of distribution to children.
NYChapin2.jpgMalini and her daughter, Ayesha, a senior at Hunter High School, will be targeting schools in Dehra Dun, India as well as Mother Theresa’s Homes for orphans in Calcutta, India.

The students at the Chapin School are eagerly assisting in the effort to help the abandoned and often disabled children in India as they study the Country. Tags have been written, bears have been readied and over 400 teddies have already been sent to the welcoming arms of India’s children.

NYChapin3.jpgIt is a privilege to expand our horizons of service to children around the world with the able assistance of Malinin and her students.