Bronx, NY

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Trinity Baptist Church
Bronx, NY 10466
Rev. Hopie Randall

NYBronxTrinity3.jpgThese are the first pictures of our teddy bear distribution to Bronx Lebanon Hospital. It was a moving experience.  The nurse introduced the kids by name and told us why they were there. Our kids ( Youth Group teens) went in, gave them the teddy bears and spent a little time with them. If parents were there, they told them who we were and what we were doing. They are looking forward to next month. They really felt good about what they were doing.

We have Bronx shelter to go to on 2/10. I have to tell you a story about our trip. On our way home we were 2 seconds away from an accident. We saw tires in the air and cars smoking and two cars horribly smashed. We were 2 cars behind, but we know that God spared us. When we left the hospital, for some reason our van’s emergency brake wouldn’t go down and we were stalled for a few minutes. Now we know why. NYBronxTrinity.jpgThank God, nobody was seriously hurt from what we could tell, because everyone was able to walk away from their car. But one of the passengers was a little boy who was obviously traumatized and crying. That made our youths started crying also… they were so upset they didn’t have a teddy bear to give the child because we had given them all away (next time we will carry extra with us). It was a teaching moment for them because it made them understand more the importance of what they were doing. We had just gotten back from ministering to children just like that little boy who could have also ended up in the hospital (of course we don’t know if he did)!  So that whole incident unfortunate as it was gave these young people more momentum to do what they are doing. It is indeed a blessing!

By the way that’s me in red blouse with the big smile!