September Bears

September Bears
by Ken Medema


Dedicated to the play
September Bears, written and directed by Jeff Barker


September Bears
Jeff Barker , Playwright

“September Bears”, a one act play by Jeff Barker, award winning playwright in residence at Northwestern College, tells the story of Sue Lucarelli, her class, her Manhasset church, and the thousands of teddy bears that were provided for the children of New York City after the World Trade Center disaster. This play speaks to the hope and goodness that rose from the tragedy and the birth of Hugs Across America. It has been performed off Broadway at The Lambs Theater, St. Paul’s Chapel at the World Trade Center site, and is currently touring in the far West. The “September Bears” script is available, as a .pdf download, for use by theater troupes throughout the country. Please contact Jeff Barker for more information.



“September Bears felt like one of the most important things that I have been a part of and I wish that I could be on the road with it forever.” –Nathan Schoenfeld

“I can’t tell you how drastically September Bears has affected me…It was a great show and very skillfully done.” –Dr. Evan Prichard, Author of No Way for Time: The Way of the Algonquin People

“Many times audience members would just give you a look, one that said it all – thank you, I’m hurting, I’m healing, this isn’t over yet, this was beautiful – I needed that” –Kelcee Foss

Jeff Barker, Playwright
A scene from “September Bears”

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