North Shore Nursery School, NY

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northshore1.jpgThis little girl, from the North Shore Nursery School, not only brought a very special bear to comfort the children of the tsunami but also drew a wonderful picture for them.

Joanna Lau, 3 yrs, of Roslyn Heights, New York drew this picture for the tsunami child victim who will receive her donated bear. Her mommy told her that there was a big accident involving the ocean which swept away many homes and made many kids very sad. Joanna asked her mommy to "buy a big brown teddy bear" to give to them. This picture is her version of a "giant teddy bear". She put a lot of heart into making it the best picture that she has ever drawn. She said, "This picture will make them feel better. I think they will like my picture very much." We certainly do… and the generosity that made it!