JCrew Composite Company #1

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The military men and women of the JCREW Composite Company #1 were brought together from all over the country for a specific goal in Iraq…

Several letters of thank you were received, here we share some:


To whom it may concern,

Yesterday, my son Aron received a teddy bear from Hugs Across America / JCCS-1. It said "Thank you for being brave while your Dad is helping our Country"; his Dada is in the Navy and is in Kuwait. Not only was it a surprise to me, but it sure meant a lot to my son. His Dad is going into the 4th month of his 1 year tour and it has been hard, very hard on Aron. The bear made his day!! He carries it with him and we just wanted to say "thank you " for all that you do.

Rebecca and Aron Atencio
Santa Rosa, Florida




These kids are so brave and moms so scared. This Yankee fan’s Dad was the coach for his Little League team before he was called back to Iraq.