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California Hospital Medical Center
Los Angeles, California

Tanya Ybarra, M.S. CCLS
Child Life Specialist

We have received such WONDERFUL teddy bears that made a hug difference in the lives of the children. Every now and then I’ll receive an update re: one family whose children I worked with. The mother was shot in the head in front of her two children. Her children are still very attached to their teddies! Since turning into a trauma center we see more and more children. One of the bears was given to an 8 yr. old who was in our hospital for almost a month. After two weeks she stopped cooperating with the staff and did not seem to find support in anyone anymore. when she was given a bear she immediately bonded with it…she hugged it, smiled and named her bear "Lisa". "Lisa" then accompanied her to the remainder of her procedures. She had to go through surgery with out her parents, so it was very comforting to have "Lisa" to hold.

So thank you again for making such a difference!

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This letter from Tanya Ybarra reads:

Thank you so very much…we have witnessed the joys and miracles that the stuffed animals have brought to our patients and families. Some stuffed animals, we call them "friends" have accompanied children to surgery so they will never be alone. Some "friends" have helped children get out of bed and walk for the first time after surgery. One child absolutely refused to walk without his "friend", who ended up being an amazing help in this child’s recovery.

On occasion when working with children whose parent is dying, we have given them one of your stuffed animals and it has been remarkably healing for them. The children will hold their "friend" tightly as they visit their parent in the ICU and say their "Good Byes".

So, we cannot thank you enough for your kindness, it will always make a world of difference.

Tanya Ybarra MS, CCLS