Bronx Lebanon Hospital

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Bronx Lebanon Hospital
Bronx, New York

BronxLebanon.jpgA youth group from the Trinity Baptist church takes teddies to the Pediatric Patients at Bronx Lebanon.

In one letter Hospital staff states:" I had to take a moment to thank you for the most recent shipment of bears. As the weather gets colder our Pediatric Emergency Room has more and more children who need treatment for asthma. Last week our asthma treatment room was filled to capacity with children who were not only having difficulty breathing but were also terrified. Their parents were also frightened and feeling helpless. Thanks to the teddies our children started to smile, and as their breathing improved to laugh out loud. You can imagine the relief this was for their parents. The smaller kids just clutched them tightly and held them close.

I can’t thank you enough for the difference this has made for our kids."

Diane Storm
Department of Pediatrics
Bronx Lebanon Hospital