Anthony DeMarinis

Anthony DeMarinisAnthony DeMarinis
Teen Board Representative

Founder and Executive General Manager for Manhasset Secondary school’s store "The Outpost ."

When Anthony was in the eight grade student government they needed to come up with a new idea to raise more money for charity. Anthony came up with the idea of a school store. The advisor and the principal liked the idea so much that it became its own separate organization.

The Outpost has grossed over $43,000.00 in the last 3 years, and has donated money to 22 different charities including Hugs Across America. The Outpost raises money by selling snacks and cold drinks to the athletes after school in the gym lobby. Anthony also designs all the Manhasset Indian clothing that The Outpost sells. This now being Anthony’s fourth year with The Outpost he has decided to move to a larger location as well. This new and larger facility will also help the students in the life skills class for Autistic children. Anthony has been working hard to integrate these students into his program.

Anthony has a younger sister and lives with his family in Manhasset. Anthony, now a senior, will be heading to college in September with the hope of studying to be a Veterinarian or a teacher of children with Autism.