San Diego Forest Fires Affect A Hugs Chapter

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My family is all safe as of right now, but this fire is honestly very unpredictable and new evacuations have been emerging every hour, on the hour since the fire began yesterday morning. We have about 250,000 people displaced from their homes county-wide tonight, with many of those communities, as I said, surrounding my hometown, so these are my neighbors, my friends, and my family members. Red Cross Shelters have been set up throughout the county, as well as a number of unofficial shelters because of the intense need and over-capacity.

I am very interested in getting some bears to these kids and families. Bless your heart for extended out a helping hand in our time of need. Estimates continue to climb as to the number of homes burned, and this is far from over. It is said to be worse that the “Cedar Fire 2003” in which some homes were just finished rebuilding this month, only to be burnt down again! So tragic. These bears could really bring some light into our very smokey world.

I just wanted to let you know that the number one item being requested by the Police/Volunteers and Red Cross, as of right now, is comfort items for children. The 200 plus Hugs bears that are already on the way will be a big help for these lost and frightened children…  This only further demonstrates the immense impact your organization makes upon people in the worst of circumstances.    :  )

My name is Cristen Boerman and I am currently a student at San Diego State University, about to graduate in May 2008 with a Bachelors of Science in Family Development. I currently hold an Associates of Science degree in Child Development from Cuyamaca College and a permit from the California Comission on Teacher Credentialing as a Teacher.

I plan on working with students at San Diego State as well as local preschools to collect and tag bears for my Chapter of Hugs Across America.