Report On Teddy Bear Picnic

Saturday,  June 2nd,  40 ( approx. ) children/parents  attended the Teddy Bear Picnic, held at the Reformed Church auditorium in Manhasset.   This was our first year with the picnic which included stuffing teddy bears( one for yourself /one for a child in crisis), Castle Bounce,  games, craft activities, face painting, water sponge toss, children’s special  auction (Madame Alexander Doll & Nicki the American Girl Doll 2007), Elmo and the Clown…  and FREE PIZZA!

We would obviously love to have better attendance and we can talk about the time/date/place for the event,  but we still netted $675.  …  Our expenses where greater this year as prizes, bear skins, a beautifully home made stuffing machine( thanks to Linda’s husband…the Doctor )  and craft/games were purchased that will not need to be next year.  We also had a Castle Bounce activity that cost $250….but attracted attention. SOOOOO!

I am always concerned about labor intensive activities …. and must thank Linda Dispensa BIG TIME for organizing, decorating, cleaning up and purchasing needed items. … as well as Anthony DeMartinis for braving the wet sponge to the face activity >>>> What a champ!!!  ‘Course decorating was lonelier than necessary for Linda and I … and we do need to talk about how to work that out next year …. but, HEY, it was fun!!!    Made lots of new friends for HUGS and the Board members who were there were a great help.  Thanks to Caroline Laur, Mary Clark,  Emmy Liss,  and Reggie Papa who also brought her grandchildren, for their help.